Nama saya MAZ.

i was born in '81- oh JOY!

currently studying dentistry

but i don't torture my patients!

seriously, i practice with utmost care!

that's it. not telling u people where i'm studying. :P

drive me crazy

Friday, November 1, 2002
02:39 p.m.

This HTML thing is driving me crazy!! why, oh why do i have this ugly white bar on the left!! wat did i do wrong?? arrgh. i'm supposed to be studying. i got test on tuesday. instead i'm trying to figure this!!

highlights of today:

my car sudah rosak.water pump bocor. engine overheated.and it happened on my way to see juli and tj!! uuuuuuuu..soo unfair! one thing about this is that i realise i know almost nothing about cars. the mechanic was talking to me almost in a different language. why the the heck would i know what happened?i'm soo blur. so helpless. thank god my darling came to the rescue. if it wasn't hot, the situation would have been quite romantic. I WANT ROMANCE!i'm romantic sexy, u know. :P

i've been wanting to bitch about a certain tutor but i think i'll do it later after my test...nanti tak berkat-fail!

going to a concert tomorrow! nyenyenyenyenye!courtesy of nina. thank u thank u! Hani- good luck fer ur test u mountain merry-go round the mulberry bush goat u.

if u past readers have noticed, i've changed something in my blog.(other than the colours).it's for a good cause.

lastly i wish to retire for the night and hope i'll get some special *wink wink dreams. hehehhehe

Mazzie lands in hot soup

Tuesday, October 29, 2002
03:08 a.m.

i was busy dreaming about J-lo bitching to me about Ben Affleck when i woke up with an urge to go to the bathroom. i checked my messages because i barely remember reading one in my sleepy state. got one from hani,"I just read ur blog and i can't believe u went clubbing without ajaking me! You evil!,".dear god, what have i done? Hani dearie, it was a last minute thing. we were going to watch movies but ended up clubbing, plus, juli told me u went to atmosphere with nina. and i thought u like to go for techno rather then R&B. but nvm,Farhan said next time we'll go with my friends(that means u guyz).

oh, and malek read my blog. hahahahahahah. sunit u blabber mouth!and i am mentally sane, thank u.

Sometimes being the observer kills me. there's this 2 people i know, A&B(no names for i will b killed). it's SOOO obvious that they like each other immensely,maybe even LOVE. but they're still trying to fool themselves that their feelings are otherwise. STUPID PEOPLE. i feel like knocking them both on their heads.i understand sometimes differences in culture and religion makes it very difficult, therefore, i realise this isn't getting anywhere, unless a compromise is reached. so i shall cease to talk. U STUPID PEOPLE KNOW WHO U ARE! i skipped class today. i feel uncomfortable about it. it's as though i know i'm going to get into trouble for it. it's just that i don't have a patient today and i'm too lazy to drive all the way to KL to report"no patient" and then drive back to PJ.i've been in trouble for skipping a class b4. went to see the dean. it was like the spanish a mini lecture. period. read a few blogs today. i'm sad my friends are sad. wish i could say that i know what ur going through but i can't coz i'd be lying. i can only offer u a shoulder to cry on. i thought i had problems but there are others out there who have even bigger problems. I LOVE U PEOPLE.i'm sorry,wish i could do more to help.

me tired

Monday, October 28, 2002
12:28 p.m.

nowadays, weekends leave me totally exhausted. i feel as though i haven't had any rest. seems like i'm always driving, always going out and never at's not that i'm complaining that my life has been a lot more interesting then in the past ( when i didn't have any patients). and this entry is for YU SAN. my dear,i'm updating my blog, see!!! sometimes i'm just waiting for something interesting to blog last saturday night i went out clubbing with Farhan, Malek, Farhan's sister and Sunit. had fun. since i don't really go out clubbing, i was jakunlar at first. i was being very evil coz mentally i was criticizing others on how they dress and how they dance. i concluded that no one really cares about the way u dress when u go clubbing because the dance floor is going to be crowded anyway and people are too busy grooving/drinking/smoking to notice ur pouch or love there we were, waiting for the first person to start dancing so that WE can start dancing..

then SHE came. She had this sexy outfit- spaghetti strap top and a skirt with a slit thigh-high. she had this pose and started moving slowly with eyes closed and a ciggarette in one hand. she looked as though she was having an orgasm! HAHAHHAA.. i'm EEEEVVVIIIILLLL..hahhaahha.couldn't resist imitating her the next morning..hehehehhe- i'm JAKUN, please understand!

sunit and malek seemed to have fun until i danced in between them. sunit moved back to the table..did i just interrupt something? *sigh. the rest of the night i danced with Farhan of course until the floor was overcrowded. went home at about 2.45a.m. i like R&B but i prefer faster dancing tunes. yesterday i and malek met Sunit at coffeebean. farhan couldn't darling was sick. Due to the lack of sleep the night b4, i was in a very wierd mood, almost horny but not quite.after Sunit left malek was being wide-eyed and gushy on how cute Sunit is. "yes, she is so cute that she needs to kena dera or kena rape." anyone who agrees to the notion say 'aye'.

oh yes, sunit read my blog and hani's and nina's as well. guess she's gonna read this. poor Malek. but serves him right coz He doesn't read my blog!!so it will be our(sonit-poo's and the rest of the world's) secret.

and before i end this entry i just wanna say that i love farhan's face, farhan's hair,his hands, his body, his ****,his legs, his wonderful personality, his charm,etc..

so baby, will i be seeing u soon?

Mazzie brings playmate to work and gets hit by a lorry..ehm.

Thursday, October 24, 2002
09:08 p.m.

dear all, today farhan become my patient..yes..we were subjected to much teasing by my fellow classmates. one guy said that he was "MACHO".i KNOW!. it's nice showing him off...Irna commented on how loyal my darling is..anything for me, right? sayang?? but we behaved ourselves, of course.although i find the idea of the dental chair getting more and more interesting..hmmmm.. i warned him that i was handling sharp instruments so he shouldn't laugh...he was a very good boy today. so i took him out for makan after the treatment.and i even allowed him to smoke in the car. he was very quiet on the way back. he said it was because his mouth feels uncomfortable. he doesn't like it when someone messes around with his mouth.(what about Frenching,HUH?) he also said that he could bear the pain but not the bitterness of the polish paste i used.(what pain? u didn't say anything! and I LIKE THE PASTE. IT IS STRAWBERRY FLAVOUR AND SMELLs GOOD TOO!) he couldn't sit still!! his tongue was driving me crazy!whatever i did, IT WAS THERE! every few minutes he wants to rinse his mouth and he was even gagging at one time. RELAX MAN! ur only the second person i've done(the treatmentlar).

maz: so, would u recommend me to another person?

farhan : why not.

Maz: what do u mean why not? yes or no?

Farhan : why not means yeslar. so there u go people! come for scaling and polishing. it only costs RM 5 per visit. please wear ur old clothes. it can get wet and messy.(don't ask me why.come and see for urselves)hehehehehehe i think the last paragraph sounds a bit porno-ish.AAARRRGH! nvm. i'm not responsible for how u people think. on the way back, a lorry smashed my side mirror.MY FIRST ACCIDENT WITH ANOTHER VEHICLE! i used to think that if i ever got into an accident i would pull over, come out of the car yelling profanities and getting into a fight with the offender..but NO. NOT TODAY. it was because:

a) it was a lorry and i was driving a charade.i wish i was driving a tank.

b) the man was scary looking with a necklace

c) b4 i could find my fav metal bar in my glovebox he was already looking in from the side..

i got out and thought," if anything happens, i'm on a main road and there will be many witnesses.

calmly, i asked for his number.i also jotted down his number plate. he said he'll pay for the damages. phewww.. he was nice though, for a scary looking guy with a necklace..hehe..thank god farhan was passing by.i'm happy he was there. waitogo macho-darling-sweety-hunky-man-rrrr-you! MY HERO!

u see, we were to meet up in ss5 for makan but i sent him to his car first on the way back from class.

my dad wasn't pleased."if u hadn't gone there(for makan),this wouldn't have happened,".maybe god was punishing me for not telling my dad earlier that i wanted to go out with farhan after class..INSAF!!!!

however, later on, he nearly met with an accident. but the motorcyclist involved swerved into the longkang...hmmm.. is my car attracting accidents?

we'll just see tomorrow.

'patients' is a virtue

Tuesday, October 22, 2002
02:03 p.m.

been absent minded lately. it all started in the morning when i was going to class. thought i was late. i wasn't. opened the door to a dark empty classroom. one thing about staying at home is word does not get to u. called friend. asked where she was. she was in the faculty cafe. and guess where i went? the hostel cafe. later on in the afternoon, decided to meet tj and hani in coffeebean. they were in coffeebean state. i went to section 14. AARRRGH... ooo goodie-goodie, i got patients for tomorrow and on thursday!!!i'm calling up the same guy last week. hope he's willing to come again...but he said he would though.. you see, what happened last week,in my opinion was a disaster. i was very nervous- he was my first treatment on a real live patient ever!! my fear wasn't helped by my trusted partner not being there to help( she was busy with softball). I WAS ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!! first was the local anaesthetic(LA). hands were shaking. looked frantically everywhere for help. MUMMYYY!!!!!. called to friend discreetly but she didn't seem to understand. my heart was beating so fast.. didn't realise i was actually letting the patient have a glorious view of syringe.(we were taught not to show it patients). caught him watching. lowered needle and turned my back to him.then i cucuk him. he was a bit was i. "this isn't so hard after all.."heheheheh then started drilling his tooth. something smelled hangus sikit. realised water wasn't coming out of drilling equipment. i this point i thought i was going to die. thank god for LA.the patient was very still at this time. aw what the heck! he can't feel pain anyway... Had to change to another unit and time was running out. a friend was very nice to assist me. did the rest of the treatment with no incident except that the patient started laughing..HE WAS LAUGHING AT ME. HE WASN'T HELPING. while i was polishing in between in his teeth, the polishing strip got stuck. oh NO!! i pulled and i pulled, it refused to come out. PANIC GILER!!it came to the point that his head was being pushed left, right and center just like the mannequins we practised on. FINALLY after a few minutes struggling, it was pulled out. he bled... only a bit..well, a bit more than A BIT.thank god he can't feel pain. after the treatment was done, i asked him whether he wants to come again? he nodded his head a few times 'ye,ye,ye,"... he's such a nice fellow. and brave too.. i apologized to him for all my mistakes.. Later on Nora(my dental mate) said " tak yah mintak maaf!! diorang bukannya tau apa yang salah!!" well, that is true..will try not to appear so guilty next time... u know people, i know i'm sort of ruining my chances of recruiting u guys as my patients, but i'd like to share my experiences with the rest of give a birds' eye view of a dental student. remember! dentists are human beings as well and we do make mistakes too! PLUS PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Now, who is willing help me perfect my skills? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

only the beginning...

Saturday, October 19, 2002
10:28 p.m.

dear all, i'm starting to blog. i'm not the first but i definitely do not want to be the last. i've been fiddling with the formats although i know absolutely nothing about html. but i'm happy that i managed to do some linking. will try to learn more.and after i'm satisfied, i'll start writing properly.. tata! -Maz

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