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guess who came to the clinic

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

this entry is dedicated to mummy.

thank u very much for letting me do your dentures.

thank you for being patient while waiting for the doctor to come and check my work.

thank u for coming on time. :)

thank u for not having an asthma attack in the clinic.

thank u for showing me the error of my ways- like knocking your teeth without telling u first. i'll keep that in mind.

thank u for being tolerent of water dripping down your neck during scaling and polishing

thank u for having simple fillings for me to do, so i can finish my work faster.

sorry i can't pay you to come because i ain't earning money.

sorry i "terperanjatkan" u with the tooth knocking. didn't think u'd be sooo jumpy..hehehe

sorry i forgot to tell u to take off your denture when we took your x-ray. now we have to take your x-ray again. next week.(cannot see teeth. can see the outline of denture.arrgh!!)

sorry u had to walk all the way to the place i parked my car.. i did offer to get the car first...

nobody is allowed to smoke in the faculty. but u did it. right at the guardhouse within faculty do you break the rules AND get away with it? *scratches head*

Thanks Ma.

* but then, she doesn't read my blog..